In today’s technology, anyone can immediately be recognizable with their own talent through the help of specific applications. Jokes while entertaining followers is the current trend. Although it is just an entertainment, but it is still able to popularize an ordinary people to become famous just as a leading artists. Aiman Salim was among the more prominent stars in #instafamous. Videos that he uploaded was amusing. Now, on Instagram, his followers had already reached 73 thousand! Great isn’t?

  • How you can be that famous within a short time? What is the strategy that you use that to make you famous in a short

It’s all because of the videos that I’ve been uploaded in my Instagram. If you hit a jackpot, you’ll win everything. Previously, I did not uploaded all of my videos, but once I uploaded, people will spend their time on it. So the keyword is “jackpot”, or in other words, it’s a fortune. Alhamdulillah, this can be known as fortune for me to be known by many people. I have no intention to be hypocrite. I have faith that I am very confident with my capabilities and that is more than enough.

  • Relationship with the fans is one of the strategy that this #instafamous personality to be recognized. We have to be good in controlling the situations, so that sooner or later, people won’t hate us. What would you think of the statement?

Do not ever criticize your fans. As for me, I am valued by my videos and I admit that not all the videos are the best. However, when my fans started to give negative feedback, do not be upset about it. Let it be and be more professional. Another tips is to always be kind to the fans by creating videos that is related to the people. From there, we can clearly see that our lives and other’s peoples’ lives are just the same.

  • All of your videos will surely be getting thousands of ‘likes’
    within a short period of time. However, who is Aiman
    Salim in reality?

My name is Aiman and both my parents call me as Aiman. I am just an ordinary people. I just wanted to be known as an individual who makes people laugh and happy. I do not have other intention other than that, even I myself are happy with my jokes.

  • How do you feel after being famous?

I am glad about it. Who doesn’t want to be famous? However, I am still trying to make myself useful to these especially when people come and greet me. I am still awkward with this kind of situation. Yes, it’s a nice feeling but it’s important for me to control myself so I will not forget where do I came from. Apart from entertaining people, I want to help my family as well. My parents worked so hard to raise my brother and sisters, so it was the time for me to help the family anyway.

  • If you have many followers, would it be a loss if you doesn’t use this opportunity to do business?

Yes, I have an online business that sells clothes locally. After living through Instagram, I start to do online business and creating my own local brand called “Young People”. I am a student and would not run away from the problem of losing budget and spending money to unnecessary things. But with this business, I can generate a small income for myself. I was lucky with the medium like Instagram, I can make the best possible. To people out there, do something based on what your interests are. Do not give up. Finally, do not forget to follow my business instagram account @youngpeopleclothing and my personal account @aimansalim_ 

Source : SHOUT H1 2016, #connected #CFMmalaysia  #CFMshout