Based on the report, lost parcel and letter was the top 3 complaint issue recorded every month. Hence, when talking about LOST, it must cross our minds that the parcel must have been stolen. However, not every undeliverable parcel is the cause of theft. Parcels, letters or packages can be lost in transit, warehouse, while delivery or even the packaging itself was the cause that it can get lost. Nevertheless, the implications of the lost parcel can be reduced if the consumer added on extended protection or also known as insurance where the consumer can claim compensation afterward but the phrase “prevention is better than cure” should be in place first to avoid them (lost) at all costs.
As a shipper who is also a consumer of postal and courier services, they do have expectations that the parcel is in good hands for delivery until it reaches the destination. On a side note, the consumer is also responsible for reducing the prevalence of lost parcels or packages. Hence, what they can do to prevent this from occurring is by:

1. Provide complete address information

The reason being is that the address information stated on the consignment note is not complete or not well written which causes the courier service provider unable to locate or read the address. When this happens, there are chances that the parcels or packages are being sent to the wrong address or in the case of an address not found, it will be sent back to the sender.

Use a clear, dark-inked pen to write complete address information on the consignment note with the right spelling and understandable handwriting for both the sender and receiver information. On a side note, the consumer may also add ‘in case found’ details on top of the parcel, big and bold, to be the reference for the delivery agents to get the receiver information in case of the consignment notes to get wet, blurry or ripped due to unexpected weather conditions.

 2. Use plain packaging

Flashy packaging, whether it shows what is inside or not, there is a high chance it can lead to the occurrence of theft. It may not only be by the delivery agents but also from anyone who saw the parcel that has been left in front of the door where it has not been collected yet. Based on statistics, more than 50% of consumers reported the parcel is lost, either during transit or after the delivery.

Consumers are recommended to use plain packaging without too much attention to details on the brand and the item itself to avoid being the attraction of the ‘porch pirate’, especially when using the postal and courier services during festive seasons.

 3. Opt for PUDO (Pick-Up Drop Off)

One of the safest and easiest ways to avoid lost parcels is using the PUDO alternative. This is due to PUDO giving access to the consumer to drop and pick up the parcel at their convenient time and place without having to go to the courier service provider outlets. The consumer may use this service via courier’s appointed agents or designated places, for instance, convenience stores. The moment when the sender drops the parcel via PUDO, they received notifications and the parcel safety is secured even during the delivery to a designated location, until the receiver picks it up by themselves, as it will not be hanging around unknowingly. 

Not only does it ensure safety, but it benefits the seller to have a flexible shipment schedule, create delivery networks using existing partner points and for the courier service provider, it develops logistics networks where the consumer can get access easily and conveniently also reducing delivery times and eventually increases consumer satisfaction and loyalty toward the courier service provider.

How to Avoid Parcel Damages

When delivering a parcel, the courier service provider should be responsible for ensuring that the package delivers safely on time and in perfect condition to the receiver.

However, before the parcel is turned over to the courier service provider, the sender must first ensure that the parcel will be protected securely enough to cope with the route. As a buyer, there is nothing more frustrating than receiving a damaged package during unboxing time. Thus, it is extremely important that the parcel is appropriately packaged, especially for the highly valuable and risky items. Even for the compensation claim purpose in the case of parcel damages, the packaging is one of the requirements that the courier service provider will examine to determine the cause. Although, this could not deny the fact that unintentional damage during delivery is inevitable due to other factors such as road conditions and vehicle speed.

Here are five essential packaging tips to ensure the parcel is well protected:

  1. Use padding or bubble wrap for protection
  2. Put on the fragile sticker for glass or easily broken items to be extra cautious 
  3. Choose the right packaging method and materials
  4. Using strong adhesion tape to seal the box or wrap the parcel
  5. Label the parcel position where it needs to be correctly handled

Act Now: To advocate for a greening program and reduce the usage of plastic, the consumer is advised to use environmentally friendly compostable courier packaging products

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