Google’s Chrome browser is one of the most capable web browsers available on any platform. On top of offering one of the most intuitive and accurate search results available, the desktop versions are also exceptionally versatile as they allow users to add additional features via what they call “extensions” from the online Chrome web store.

While a host of extensions are available and many of them are available for free, these five immensely useful ones are top on the list to help make Chrome faster, more pleasant to use and more powerful than ever before. Just to be clear, these extensions only work on the desktop versions of Chrome, which means your PC and Mac.

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Once you have ensured that your Chrome browser is updated to the latest version, just logon to From there, you can browse around or type in the names of the suggested extensions that we’ve highlighted in the Chrome webstore search bar. Installing an extension is simply a matter of clicking on it to add it to your browser. Here’s the extensions you need to supercharge your Chrome browsing experience to the next level!

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The Great Suspender

One of the biggest pain points of Chrome is how it devours system resources and slows down when you open multiple tabs. The Great Suspender helps to reduce Chrome’s memory footprint by unloading unused tabs after a period of time. You can bring these tabs back by simply clicking on them again. You can also tweak how aggressive you want it to be in suspending tabs in the settings.

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Grammarly for Chrome

Even the best of us can botch a sentence or accidentally create a typo no matter how careful we are. This amazing extension underlines typos, highlights grammatical errors and also suggests better word choices on almost anything that you interact with or write in Chrome. These subtle suggestions result in a vastly more polished look to your writing though it only works for English for now.

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Adblock Plus

No one likes pop-up ads or those annoying advertisements that appear all over the place wherever you wander to on the internet. Not only do they use up your valuable data quota, having a ton of them cluttering your browser can offer a subpar browsing experience. This extension blocks most if not all of them. You’re also able to whitelist sites and tweak the aggressiveness of Adblock Plus in the settings.

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Staring at stark white backgrounds on web pages for hours can be a pain on the eyes but this extension lets you dim the brightness on web pages or even invert the colours so that you get white text with black backgrounds for easier reading. These reversed backgrounds help to save a bit on battery life too especially when you’re using a laptop.

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Chrome can sometimes feel a bit impersonal but the Momentum extension corrects that as it offers a personalised tab page that addresses you by name, tells you the time and the weather, reminds you about your to-do lists and it even motivates you with inspirational photos and quotes of the day.

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