The CFM Complaints team tackles one of the most common challenges faced by complainants:: Billing Disputes

Q : I lost my phone and called my telco to get my line barred. I also requested to port my number to a different telco. My previous telco told me that my number has been barred and I can subscribe to the new line. After several months, I found out that my previous line was still active and I am still being billed for it. Both telcos are pointing their fingers at each other and I am stuck in the middle. Help!

A : This issue may have arisen due to miscommunication of both parties, resulting in an inability to update the status of the complainant’s account. The most crucial thing before signing up for any service is to read the fine print. It would have been better to do so in front of a telco representative so you can get immediate clarification before signing on the dotted line. Some telcos will send a final bill that consists of any unbilled charges before account termination takes place. This means that a customer may still be liable to pay the bill even after he ports over. In short: Always double check and clarify with your previous Telco to avoid this issue.

Billing Disputes 

One of the most common problems that the CFM complaints team encounters are billing disputes which revolve around billing or charging complaints over phone calls, SMS, broad-band usage and data.

2015 2016
2133 complaints 2361 Complaints
 Top 3 Billing Dispute  2015  2016
Bill Dispute 962 1250
Data Usage 312 166
Roaming Data Usage 54 275
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Source : SHOUT H2 2016 , CFM Helpdesk

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