Scenario i: I checked my credit balance and found out that my credit disappeared. I didn’t make calls, send SMS and MMS and use data. I asked my service provider and they advised me to type “STOP ALL” and send the shortcode to terminate the third party services. This is ridiculous since I’ve not even received any content SMS. In addition, I’m very sure I’m not subscribed to this kind of service. I had tried sending “STOP ALL” but received no reply.
Answer: Any subscription to content services must be accompanied by SMS notification. The service provider will check and investigate whether the customer has subscribed and received the subscribed content by using log. If the subscription is genuine, the charges are valid. The correct shortcode needs to be sent to “STOP ALL” to work properly.

Scenario ii: I received MMS content services which I did not subscribe to. I lodged a complaint with my service provider but no immediate action has been taken and I continue to receive the content shortcode (5 Digit). Please investigate and stop the continuation of the content provider service.
Answer: As the content is offered by a third-party content provider, any customer complaints to the service provider will be channelled to the respective content provider for investigation and resolution.

Different content providers require different modes of activation, for example by SMS text messages or clicking on links. This action will result in the following:
1. Automatic subscription
2. Manual subscription renewal
If you happen to receive any suspicious SMS/links and pop-up advertisements, please do not read or proceed with the requests which are related to the content.
Immediately contact the respective service provider when unknown credit balance deduction or unbilled amount takes place.
You also need to monitor the amount of credit balance. If you have any concerns, please highlight the issue with your respective service provider.
There may be a delay for the service provider to provide solution due to content provider timeline in responding to the queries of the service provider.


Part 2 Verification of Billed Charges

1.51 A Service Providers should put into place the necessary internal systems and
safeguards to ensure that inaccuracies are minimised in charges billed to customers

1.52 It shall be the responsibility of the Custome to verify that charges
billed to them are consistent with:
a. the Service Provider’s published or contracted prices and discounts;

b. what the Customer has requested, utilised, or contracted to receive.


* * *

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