Scenario : I experience slow connection each time I surf the internet using my home Wi-Fi connection. It has been a frustrating experience as I can’t get the expected speed that I’ve paid for. This problem has been persisting for quite some time and further negatively affected my Wi-Fi connection. When I lodged a report with my service provider, they failed to give me any satisfactory reply. I really need to connect wirelessly for me to work from home in a carefree manner. Kindly advise me the ways to deal with the above matter.
Scenario ii:  My internet service provider just began offering service to me yesterday. However, I found out that the internet speed doesn’t match the speed that I’ve requested (30Mbps). I turned on the laptop and ran my internet connection through speed test where the test result indicated that the download speed reached only up to 13.08Mbps and upload speed was only 7.05Mbps. Both
download and upload speeds were even worse when using my mobile phone. So please resolve this matter as soon as possible and get back to me with an update. I’m looking forward to receiving your response.
Scenario iii: I’m completely baffled by the poor broadband service. Despite living in an urban residential area, the enduringly poor broadband coverage really gets on my nerves. I had to resort to repetitive tricks and tips such as restarting the device countless times to get the best out of the service. This is not what I signed up for. I’m tired of paying the bill since I can’t enjoy the service like everyone else.
Answer: The issue may arise from some minor configurations that need to be restored. Reboot the modem/device, ensure the Wi-Fi status indicator is ON and check the signal strength on your device (phone, laptop or tablet). Clear the cache and ensure that you are not connecting to multiple devices at the same time.

i. Please check your internet connection whenever applicable and ensure that the cable, USB port and so on are properly connected.
ii. Be as specific as possible when outlining the problem to your service provider. For example, “down” may refer to several scenarios such as slow connection, connected but no internet access, and connected but slow browsing speed.
iii. You may refer to the service provider’s website for self-help troubleshooting guide and service FAQ.
iv. If the problem persists, call your service provider for further assistance.
i. You must confirm the types of internet connection issues that you’ve experienced i.e. slow connection to browse certain websites or overall connection.
ii. If you are facing a slow connection to certain websites, you need to run a ping test and provide the result to the service provider for further checking.
iii. If you are facing slow overall connection, you need to clear all the cookies and caches or try to browse using different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Mozilla.
iv. If the problem persists, you need to perform internet speed test and share the details with service provider for further technical checking.
• You need to inform the service provider whether the signal strength is strong or weak.
• If you receive strong wireless signal, the service provider will have to check the volume quota amount and account status i.e. active or suspended.
• If there has been no issue relative to your account and volume quota, you will be requested to restart the device.
• If the problem persists, the service provider will determine if an in-house service visit is necessary.
• Update wireless router firmware if available.
• Check browsing device for adware/malware.

Part 2: After Sales Support
1.22 The Service Provider must inform the Customer of the following:
a. whether after-sales support is available;
b. the circumstances in which it is available;
c. the contact details for after-sales support; and
d. whether a charge is payable

Part 2: Advertising and Representation of Service
1.33 Service Provider will provide a qualifier in Advertising Materials which promote the availability of a Service, in the event there are
geographical or technical limitations on the availability of the Service to Consumers which:
a. substantially affect the performance of the Services; and
b. are known to the Service Provider.
Examples of a qualifier include, but are not limited to:
i. “For further information, please contact XYZ”.
ii. “Terms and conditions apply”
iii. “For further information, please visit our website at
iv. “Subject to service availability”.
v. Limited Classes of Eligible Consumers

* * *

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