Scenario i: I called my previous service provider to have my line terminated. After that, I have registered with the current service provider but I’m still receiving bills from the cancelled account over the following months. In fact, I prefer not to be in this kind of dispute. Please help me!

Answer i: Customer needs to clarify with the previous service provider on the status of the final bill and ask for the details of charges. If the charges incurred are prorated billed amount, the customer is liable to make the payment. Lastly, the customer needs to know the terms and conditions of the services offered by the service provider particularly in relation to the line termination. In case of any further dispute arising, the customer can contact his or her respective service provider to further validate the issue and take appropriate action.


Scenario ii: Recently, the service provider whom I’m using has been calling and reminding me to pay bills. They’re reminding me to pay off the bills as if I haven’t paid my amount due by the actual payment due date. This is however not the case. I wonder whether this is a normal practice within the industry?

Answer ii: Yes, this is a part of the credit collection process; the service provider will remind the customers of bill payment.


Scenario iii: In recent times, I received a call from my previous service provider informing me about due payment. This is ridiculous because I’ve terminated my internet subscription with them and transferred the existing services to my current service provider. Later, I also received another call claiming that if I don’t settle my due payment, I will be summoned to court. What action should I take?

Answer iii: This is a part of the debt collection process where the service provider will continue to request the customers to pay the outstanding amount. Some service providers may even resort to initiating court proceedings against their customers.



Part 2: Customer Billing, Charging, Collection And Credit Practices

1.48   In relation to this section, a Service Providers should at all times be guided by the following principles in that it should endeavor wherever possible to:-

a. Ensure that Customers are able to obtain information relevant to their current bill or any item of its content without any charge

b. Ensure that billing accuracy is verifiable;

c. Ensure that billing is timely

d. Ensure that sufficient information must be on the bill or otherwise readily available to the Customer for verification;

e. Ensure that upon a bona fide request from a Customer, the Service Provider must inform or provide the Customer with timely, accurate and current information about its billing terms and conditions and options relevant to that Customer.

Timeline For Issuance of Bill

1.56   Except in the circumstances provided for below, Service Providers must process and issue bills within 30 days of the closure of each billing period. The circumstances in which a Service Provider may exceed the specified number of days are:-

a. Where there exists a separate agreement with the Customer to the contrary;

b. Where there is a delay as a result of inclusion by the Service Provider of value added information into the bill;

c. Where there has occurred a system or processing problem;

d. Where there has been a purposeful delay on the part of the Service Provider for a specified and planned delay;

e. Where there is force majeure.

Timeliness of Billed Charges

1.57      Service Providers should ensure that all charges relating to the billing period of each Service Provider should be incorporated in the current bill for that Billing Period.


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