In every cyber activity we do there are various threats especially from ‘scammer’ or ‘hacker’ who will try their best to steal your personal information. As users we must be careful and always ensure that we are alert to the messages, emails we receive, and the applications we use.

Follow 10 safety tips for all devices to prevent you from cyber threats:

1. Turn off the computer when not in use

2. Turn off the internet connection when leaving the office or not in use

3. Make sure the email password is updated and uses a combination of letters, numbers and special characters (&,*, %, # etc)

4. Be wary of suspicious emails

5. Do not open emails from people you do not know

6. Update your Firewall, anti-virus

7. Do not click on links sent by strangers. (Viruses, malware, spam is usually hidden along with attachments in the form of .exe files)

8. Disconnect the internet if there is a ping request

9. Do not visit dubious website whether sent via email, WhatsApp, Telegrams and other social media

10. If there is any suspicious activity on the computer, turn off the computer and disconnect the internet connection

Be a vigilant user of communications and multimedia for our safety from cyber threats.

* * *

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