Scenario i: My home internet service is always down for a few days almost every month. When I raised a complaint with my service provider, they sent a response via SMS stating that my home internet service was restored but I found out that the problem was still unresolved. When we lodge a complaint or report a technical issue, we expect it to be dealt with as soon as possible without having to follow-up every other day.However, things don’t always go smoothly all the time.

Scenario ii: I’m having trouble connecting to the internet. When I reported this issue to my service provider, it looked as if I was held at fault and they escaped from the situation. Furthermore, they kept telling me that my issue had been forwarded to the management and it would be attended to immediately. I hope to bring forward this issue to CFM and so that the service provider to realize that their service was not up to par.

Answer i & ii: The Service provider will notify the customer via telephone call, SMS or email about the complaint progress which includes an update on restoration work. In the event that the problem being complained about persists after the first rectification attempt, you need to report back to your service provider and request for further investigation who should then deploy their technical team to come over to your residence and rectify the problem.



Part 2: Fault Repair of Services

1.69 Service Providers shall implement the necessary facilities to allow Customers to report faults 24 hours a day.

Part 3: Responsiveness

4.3 Customers must be advised when they make a complaint, or within seven (7) working days, of receipt of the complaint of the complexity of the investigation and a timeframe for the possible final determination of the complaint.

4.8 Customers must be advised of the outcome of the investigation of their complaint. This can be in a written format, if requested by the Customers.



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