KUALA LUMPUR, 13 March 2014 – Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) would like to announce that CFM is organizing a short video contest in conjunction with World Consumer Rights Day in its efforts to promote better consumer awareness of their rights.

World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated worldwide on 15th March to raise global awareness and promote consumer rights. As a forum established to protect consumer interests and raise consumers’ awareness of the industry and services, this contest is part of CFM’s initiatives to increase awareness and public knowledge on their rights as a consumer of communications and multimedia services, and in this instance, on the existence and value of the 365 day credit validity package for prepaid mobile customers.

The 365 credit validity video contest is open to all Malaysians where participants need to submit a short ’20 second’ video on the 365 credit validity theme to the CFM Facebook page.

CFM Chairman, Dr Elistina Abu Bakar says, “In line with CFM’s objectives to champion consumer rights as a priority, this contest is to enhance public awareness about the 365 Credit Validity where consumers can extend their mobile number expiry date up to one year (365 days). This is especially beneficial for prepaid users who work or study overseas and only come back to Malaysia several times a year, where they do not need to top up every month to keep their mobile number active.”

As Communications and Multimedia consumers, we enjoy eight basic rights, which are:

  1. Right to choose
    Consumers have the right, within reason, to be assured that a selection of quality products and services are available at competitive prices
  2. Right to safety
    Consumers have the right to expect protection from products and services purchased, is used properly for their intended purpose.
  3. Right to be informed
    Consumers have the right to receive adequate information about products on which to base buying decision on.
  4. Right to voice and be heard
    Consumers have the right to speak up, to be heard, and both business and government are expected to respond accordingly.
  5. Right to redress or remedy
    Consumers have the right to be afforded the opportunity to have a hearing to voice dissatisfaction such that a resolution is reached and the complaint is settled satisfactorily.
  6. Right to quality service
    Consumers have the right to, within reason, expect to be served in a courteous manner, the right to be treated with respect, an appropriate response to their needs and problems, on top of good quality design and workmanship in a product or service and which reflects its cost and as set out in the service agreement, and governed by the existing service standards.
  7. Rights to consumer education
    Consumers have the right to consumer education that supports the benefits and enjoyment of the products and services purchased and of the other specific rights to become informed consumers.
  8. Right to privacy and protection
    Consumers have the right to confidentiality of personal information and data that are provided for the purpose of obtaining/purchasing products and/or services. These cannot be disclosed to any third party without written consent by the owners and/or by order of the court of law.

While consumers are advised to exercise their rights, CFM also encourages them to become an informed consumer by doing preliminary research on the products or services that they intend to purchase or subscribe, asking relevant questions before buying, paying on time, understanding the contract and reading the small print.

In conjunction with the World Consumer Rights Day, the contest will kick-off on 15th March 2014 and ends on 30th April 2014. Please visit our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/consumer.forum.malaysia) or email to [email protected] for more information on the contest. Interesting prizes await the contest winners.

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