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How to Switch Off Data on your Phone

13/09/2013 Most users are on a fixed data plan which allocates a limit to the data you use a month. Depending on how much you want to pay monthly to your cellular provider - the Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, uMobile and such - you are allotted a fixed amount of data to use, and if you exceed that ceiling you would be billed the extra. And then there are people who get a smartphone without signing up for data unknowingly, because these are, after all, smartphones and designed to go onto the Internet they end up getting a whopping bill. Their phones may have connected to any of those social apps that keep pushing notifications and so on. In these instances, you might want to just switch off the data on your smartphone. Don't know how to do that? Just follow some of the steps we have for you here.

Android phones
Go to Settings and select the option Data usage. From here simply turn slider across the Mobile data switch from on to off. Alternatively, most Android smartphones will let you quickly turn on/off by sliding your finger down from the top of the screen and then simply deselecting the Data icon. Wait, there is still one more step. Go into that option and look for Data enabled, and unmark or uncheck the tick in the box. You can also turn off you Data Roaming in this screen.


Apple iPhone
In this guide, we assume your phone is running iOS 6, but the settings are very similar for older versions of iOS. Depending on your mobile operator, the names of some options may be different to those you see in the screenshots below.

Step 1.
From the home screen tap Settings (if you can't see the Settings app, swipe right to get to the search screen - Spotlight - and search for 'settings').

Step 2.
Select General and then choose NMobile Data. On some iPhones, this might be called Cellular instead. On older versions of iOS, look for Network.

Step 3.
Now you can use the the slider next to Enable 3G to turn it off. However, if you are using a mobile operator that supports only 3G (such as Three), you won't see this option at all: you can't disable 3G.

You can also disable Mobile Data from here, which means you must use Wi-Fi for internet access. Similarly, you can choose whether to allow data roaming.

Windows Phone
Turning off the internet/data connection on Windows Phone 8 devices is probably the easiest of all smartphones. Swipe left and bring up the alphabetical list of Apps > go to Settings > turn data connection off.


Pull your finger down from the top of the screen and open Settings. You then need to open Network Connections and Mobile Network, from here it's as simple as flicking the Data Services switch from on to off.
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